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Homeowner? 3 Signs You Need Foundation Repair

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As a homeowner, the foundation may be something you do not think about often. It is something that you should do, however, as you can have foundation problems. In many cases, not repairing the foundation will result in major damage to your home from your home sinking to structural damage. Keep reading for three signs you need to hire a contractor to repair your foundation. 

Cracks in Foundation

It is common to have some cracks in a foundation, but some cracks can be dangerous. If you have small, hairline cracks, these can be patched. If you see cracks in the upper area of your foundation this is often caused by damage when the foundation was poured and causes no problems. 

If you see a crack that is long and horizontal in the middle of the foundation, there could be soil erosion problems. If you see a long and diagonal crack, this is generally a sign that the foundation has uplifted or settled. If the cracks are very wide this is a sign of even more problems. The best thing to do is hire a foundation repair contractor to inspect the cracks for you. 

Problems with Soil Erosion

Soil erosion around the foundation means you have water drainage issues and these need to be repaired. Once the soil erodes water drains down into the foundation walls and footing. This adds a lot of pressure on the foundation which can cause cracks both outside and inside. Walk around your home and look for wet soil even if it hasn't rained. You may also notice the soil stays too dry after it rains as the water has already drained down into the foundation. 

A contractor can inspect the foundation to determine if there are soil erosion problems. If found, they may suggest that you install a French drain. This will carry water away from the foundation to another area of your yard. To install this drain the contractor first digs a trench around the foundation and installs a perforated pipe into the trench. Gravel is placed over the pipe to hold it in place. 

Uneven and Sagging Floors

If you notice uneven and sagging floors this is often caused by foundation problems. You may notice soft spots on the floor if you are having sagging problems. You may notice chairs or tables do not sit evenly on the floor. If you place something on the floor it may roll along the floor easily on its own. 

Contact a foundation repair contractor if you notice these problems. This is often caused by water getting under the foundation which can warp flooring and other materials. If not taken care of the uneven and sagging floors will continue to get much worse and result in even more damage. 

The foundation repair contractor you hire can go over this information with you in much more detail. For more information, contact a company such as Tillotson Enterprise Inc.