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The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Up Water Damage In Your Home

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Water damage can be a lot of work to deal with—especially if the problem is an existing issue that has been neglected. Restoration is an important process that you should not take lightly. With every second your home is exposed to water damage, the problem is going to grow worse. The following water damage information will help you with the restoration process:

Start with the Hazards

Be very aware of safety hazards when you initially notice water damage. First, turn off power to the area that has been affected. Also, shut off any gas or water supplies since they could also be a source of hazards when dealing with water damage.

Water damage can be dangerous, and the hazards are greater depending on the extent of the damage. The dangers start with the contamination that might come in with the water but also includes mold growth, and other problems that can start after the water is gone.

If you have just come home and noticed water, don't rush in. Wait until you are sure it's safe. Please don't go in at all unless it is absolutely urgent.

Notify Your Insurance Company

If you have a problem due to flooding or water damage, the first thing you should do is call your insurance agent. If you tell them right away, then the adjuster will document the damage, take pictures, and record the losses.

Also, your insurance company will cover the cost of hiring a restoration service. Insurance agents are not restoration experts, but they are good sources of information regarding insurance restoration policies. The adjuster will request proof that your property has been replaced, repaired, or restored. In addition, many insurance companies require an itemized list of your losses.

Get Professional Help with Estimates

You probably already know this, but water damage restoration can be an expensive proposition. Even minor water damage can end up costing thousands of dollars. You wouldn't want to handle it on your own without professional help.

You are going to need written estimates to cover the cost of repairs. Not all restoration companies are the same. Some specialize in water restoration, and others specialize in fire restoration; some will bill your insurance company directly, others will bill you. Talk with your restoration service about how they handle billing and about any extra costs that your insurance may not cover.

Time is crucial when repairing water damage, which is why you don't want to wait for problems to get worse. Contact a water damage restoration service to get started with cleaning up and repairs as soon as possible.