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How A Foundation Contractor Might Repair Your Home's Damaged Foundation With Piers

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If it seems like the interior of your home is sloping, it may not be your imagination. If the soil under your home shifts enough, the center of your home might begin to slope downward along with the soil. That's a serious problem that should be checked out by a foundation contractor without delay because the issue could get worse. Here's a look at how a foundation contractor might go about making repairs to your foundation.

Raise The Exterior On Piers

The foundation contractor may need to place piers under the foundation on the outside of your house. This is done by placing piers under the footings and then lowering your house on the piers so your home has a stable and level surface to rest upon. This work usually goes fairly fast, but it depends on the nature of the foundation damage. Each foundation repair job is different when it comes to the type of repairs done and the number of piers needed.

Place Piers Inside Your Home

If your home is sunken in the middle, it may be necessary to install piers inside your house too. This is more labor-intensive since the floor of your home has to be busted up to dig the holes. Your foundation contractor may even ask you to stay elsewhere until the interior piers are finished being installed so you're not exposed to noise, dust, and commotion while the work is underway.

The piers are then sunk into the ground where the holes were dug in your floor. You might need just one interior pier or you could need several. The piers are made level with the floor, so once the hole is backfilled and concrete is poured over the piers to patch the slab foundation, your floor will be level again.

Installing interior piers takes longer than installing exterior piers. There is also more disruption to your life. For instance, the holes in your floor may be open but temporarily covered for several days. However, no matter how inconvenient foundation repairs are to your routine, repairing your foundation is essential or your house could sustain serious and expensive damage. Your house might even become unsafe to live in.

If you suspect your home has foundation damage, call a foundation contractor so you can get trustworthy advice on how to proceed with repairs. Piers are not always necessary for foundation repairs. The contractor has other options to consider, and they can even choose the right type of pier to use if piers are warranted. The sooner work begins on your damaged foundation, the better. Otherwise, you may have to repair other damages too, such as wall cracks, separating stairs, and buckled floors.