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3 Reasons To Leave Black Water Damage To The Pros

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When it comes to water damage, many professionals single out two potentially risky categories: greywater and black water. Both of these terms refer to wastewater, although with different levels of contamination. Greywater usually refers to relatively clean wastewater, such as anything that goes down your kitchen sink or shower drain.

On the other hand, black water is highly hazardous. In less generous terms, black water refers to sewage or any wastewater potentially carrying human waste. Understanding the source of any water damage to your home is critical to evaluate your restoration options properly. Keep reading to learn why you should always allow professionals to restore damage caused by black water.

1. Potential for Serious Contamination

Human waste carries a wide range of bacteria and pathogens. These microorganisms are harmful to you and your family and are potentially hazardous to the environment. Improper sewage disposal can threaten flora and fauna while also contaminating nearby water sources. When dealing with any black water damage, you need to take proper precautions when disposing of the affected material.

Professional water damage restoration crews will come equipped with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep themselves safe. Additionally, they know how to evaluate materials for exposure and correctly dispose of them. These steps help keep your home and the environment safe from sewage contamination.

2. Proper Evaluation

It's not enough to just look at a flooded area and guess which parts of the floor, walls, ceiling, or contents may black water exposure. Professionals know how to thoroughly evaluate a room or your house for signs of contamination. This evaluation allows them to identify areas without damage and materials that may require replacement or restoration.

Without a thorough evaluation, you may not find every area that suffered from flooding. As a result, you can leave parts of your home vulnerable to mold growth or allow pathogens to remain present in your living space. By relying on professionals, you can be confident that your home is free of black water contamination once restoration is complete.

3. Rapid Cleaning and Drying

A critical part of restoring your home following sewage damage is a quick response. Water damage experts have the heavy-duty equipment and training necessary to rapidly identify, clean, and dry contaminated areas. By taking these steps, they give you the best chance of restoring the portions of your home damaged by exposure to wastewater.

While a burst supply pipe or even a leaky kitchen drain may not be emergencies, you should never attempt to deal with sewage problems on your own. Relying on professionals keeps you safe while providing the quickest path to a restored and clean home.

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