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3 Reasons Your Door Could Be Damaged And Why Door Installation Is Critical

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A door isn't just an entry point into your home. It also serves as a focal point of your property that also creates an impression. However, the rear or front door won't be in good condition forever. It may be damaged or lose functionality as a result of wear and tear. Most doors get damaged when the house is flooded. 

Although repairs help make the damaged door useful again, they sometimes don't help much. In this case, you may need to remove the damaged door and install a new one. Here's why your door may be damaged and why you need professional door installation services.

1. Rotting Due to Excessive Moisture

Most people install timber doors because they are beautiful and inexpensive. However, you may not always get high-quality wood for the door. If you choose softwood, moisture exposure may damage the door quickly. In fact, if the timber isn't properly cured, the moist environment will cause the door to rot. 

Humidity, heavy rains, and other moisture sources in the house usually cause the rotting problem to most doors. The edges begin to chip away, causing the door to start crumbling at the corners. And since repairs won't be reliable at this stage, installing a new door is the best thing to do.

2. A Break-in That Led to a Broken Door Frame

Even with a sturdy fence around your home, a break-in may still happen. As the burglars force their way into the house through the door, they may badly damage the door. If you have installed a sturdy door, the burglars may damage the frame around it to weaken the door, leaving it severely damaged. 

As they wrench the door out of place using a crowbar, it may develop permanent damage. Getting door installation professionals to replace the door is the most effective way to ensure your home is safe again.

3. Foundation Issues That Cause a Warped Frame

Most people don't pay much attention to a shifting foundation, especially if it doesn't look aggressive. However, a shifting foundation can cause serious damage to your doors. As the soil retracts and expands beneath your home's foundation, the door frame gets warped. 

Moreover, this might also lead to uneven floors that contribute to the door problems you experience. With a completely warped door frame, the door will not be functional anymore. And because foundation repairs will not rectify the problem, installing a new door is the best thing to do.

If your door is critically damaged, it's always advisable to replace it. By trying to repair the door, you will only spend more money and expose your home and family to security risks. If the door is damaged beyond repair, just ensure you invest in professional door installation services.