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Heavy Equipment Hydraulic Systems And Getting Machinery Back On-Line When Seals Fail

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Heavy machinery usually uses some hydraulic system to do the heavy lifting, and these systems are vulnerable to wear and tear. Therefore, you may need to do quick repairs like replacing seals to get your machinery back to work when you have problems. The following heavy equipment hydraulic systems guide will help you deal with blown deal problems that affect your machinery:

  • Problems with blown hydraulic pump seals—The hydraulic pump is one of the first areas where you may have to deal with blown seals. These problems are often due to problems with pressure coming from the pump and seals that are worn and cannot handle the pressure anymore. The problems with blown seals at the pump can easily be repaired by replacing the seal before low hydraulic fluid levels cause additional problems.
  • Hydraulic manifolds and leaking seals causing problems—The hydraulic manifolds of heavy equipment can also be a problem that causes blown seals. This often starts with malfunctioning parts and pressure on seals that eventually cause leaks. In addition to replacing the hydraulic seals of manifolds, you are going to also need to repair the problems with manifolds to ensure seals do not blowout again. There are also options to rebuild failing manifolds with new seals and gaskets to ensure you are not having repeated issues with the seals blowing out. 
  • Worn or damaged hydraulic pistons that cause seals to blow—There are also worn and damaged hydraulic pistons that can be the cause of blown seals. Therefore, the pistons that are damaged are going to need to be replaced to solve the problem. When you are replacing the pistons of hydraulic systems, you are also going to need to replace blown seals that are causing the problems with your equipment.
  • Other blown seals that need to be replaced to get the equipment running—There are other areas of hydraulic systems that may have problems with blown seals that need to be replaced. These issues are often hose and hydraulic fittings that have seals that can blow out over time due to wear and the pressure of the hydraulic system. These seals will need to be replaced to keep your equipment running as it should. Look for leaks around fittings for signs of these blown hydraulic seals that need to be replaced.

These are some of the things that you should know about dealing with blown hydraulic seals that cause your machinery to be down. Contact a hydraulic seals service, like HyVal Industries Inc, to get the materials you need for quick hydraulic repairs to get your equipment back on-line.