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The Most Common Fall Roof Repairs

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While the weather may not be as intense in the fall as it is in the summer or winter, it does not mean that you may not notice something is wrong with your roof. In fact, some issues may be more common in the fall than in other months.

These are some of the most common roof repairs specialists handle in the autumn months.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are commonly discovered in the fall, especially when the rains start before winter. Roof leaks are commonly found this month because the summer sun can wear through shingles and other parts of the roof, causing weakness.


It is very common for the sun to shrink shingles and other roof components over time. You should pay close attention to shrinkage because it could allow water and other debris to penetrate your roof. Your roof's shingles shrinking could mean that you need to act quickly before winter rains start.

Shingles Lifting

Winds that occur in the summer in some regions can actually lift up the shingles, leading to a lot of serious issues. When shingles lift, it exposes a variety of different components, like the decking under the roof, to wet conditions. Replacing and repairing shingles is very important.

Sealing Issues

Autumn is a good time to address any issues with sealing that you may have. Sealing needs time to sit before it gets wet, so fall could allow time for the sealing to dry before the winter rainstorms hit your home.

Cracks & Blisters

The summer months can lead to cracks and blister that take over your roof. Like many things, your roof benefits from UV protection. If your roof did get damaged by the sun, replacing shingles now before they cause other problems is a good idea.

Contact a Roofing Repair Contractor

Fall is the perfect time to take care of roofing repairs you have been putting off. For one, the weather is often much better for roofing repairs in the fall. It is not very hot, and you can count on most days to be relatively dry. Your roofing repairs may have a lot more time to dry and set.

A roofing professional understands that you expect to stay safe and dry in your own home. They know that the fall weather can bring different challenges than other months of the year. Call local roofing repair services to learn more.