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Save Your Business Money with Commercial Waterproofing

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A lot of emphases have always been on how commercial waterproofing helps preserve structural integrity and avoid costly repairs. However, the cost-saving benefits go beyond that by adding up to ensure that you get real value out of your investment in the waterproofing. Here are some of the other ways that commercial waterproofing will save your business some money in both the short and long run.

Lower Energy Bills

A waterproofed space is a well-insulated space. A damp foundation loses heat faster than a dry one. Without proper commercial waterproofing, you will be spending more on heating your property in the winter, and just as much to cool it off in the summer. The energy costs will add up over time. Give it a few months or even years, and these costs may very well exceed how much it would have cost you to waterproof your building.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Commercial waterproofing will contribute greatly towards preventing leaks, floods, and the accompanying water-related damages. In insurance, the better you can proof against damage or loss from a specified risk or peril, the better your chances of having to pay lower premiums. Different insurers have different policies on this. You should, therefore, talk to your insurance company about the same, and specific requirements about commercial waterproofing they may have, if any.

Fewer Visits to the Doctor's Office

Neglecting to take care of commercial waterproofing may lead to a mold problem. Mold grows and thrives where there is moisture, be it from leaks or flood water. Depending on how severe the mold build-up is, the presence of mold in your building can cause serious health problems, mostly respiratory, for the occupants. As a business owner, you can appreciate the value of a healthy and motivated workforce. Productivity will be at its highest, and you can look forward to meeting quotas and improving your profitability. On the other hand, if your staff is always away sick and you cover the cost of these visits to the doctors, it can affect your bottom line.

Energy bills, insurance premiums, paying for part or all of your employees' healthcare, and of course, repair costs for water-damage can all pile up. If unchecked, these costs may affect your bottom line as a business. Investing in commercial waterproofing is one way to ensure that you cut back on these costs. Learn more by contacting a few local basement waterproofing contractors.