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Repairing Small Cracks In Your Foundation: How To Get It Done

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Your home is only as sturdy as the foundation it is sitting on. If the foundation sinks or crumbles, your entire home could be in jeopardy. That means all that beautiful decor you spent all that money on could be in ruin, as can the door you marked your child's measurements on and the kitchen where you cooked all of the family meals. Everything could end up in a heap if your foundation gives way. If you notice that your foundation has some problems, such as small cracks or other minor issues, you may be able to handle the repairs on your own. However, if your foundation is sinking or has major issues, you need to call a foundation repair company for help to ensure the work is done correctly and your home is structurally sound. Read on for instructions to repair minor foundation cracks.

Dig Out The Rubble

You need to dig out the crack to remove as much of the loose debris as possible. This may mean that you will need to chisel out the inside of the crack to remove loose concrete, or you may need to use a stiff-bristle brush to remove the debris. Either way, the debris inside needs to be removed. This is because whatever you use to fill in the crack is going to need something sturdy to attach to. If it attaches to loose debris, you're going to end up with either another crack or a bigger problem. Be sure that you have removed the debris inside, and use a shop vacuum to vacuum it out as well.

Fill In The Crack

Once you have the debris removed, you can fill in the crack. The crack should be filled with quick-dry cement, or if the crack is minor enough, you could get away with concrete caulking. For cracks wider than a few centimeters, use quick-dry cement instead. Mix the cement as instructed on the packaging, then begin to fill in the crack with the cement using a trowel. Fill in the crack and then scrape away the excess. Continue to do this until the entire crack is filled in. Allow the cement to dry completely before touching it. Keep an eye on the crack to be sure it doesn't crack again.

Repairing small cracks isn't too difficult, but it should be done to prevent these minor cracks from becoming much larger problems for you and for your home. Remember that your home is only as strong as the foundation, so if you have foundation issues, call a professional for help.