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4 Ways To Find Water Damage In Your Home

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Water damage does not always come from a flood. Water damage in a home more often comes from a leaking pipe or damage in your roof. Water damage can be tricky to spot if you don't know what you are looking for. However, if you know what to look for, it can be easier to identify.

Sign #1: Damage to Your Walls

If water is leaking behind a wall, your wall is going to give you some hints. One of the first hints your wall will give you is peeling or bubbling paint. When paint gets wet, it starts to bubble and peel.

Your drywall may also start to crack as the water causes the drywall to swell. If the source of water is releasing excessive amounts of water, the drywall may actually be saturated.

Sign #2: Odd Stains

Next, when water damage occurs, you will often notice strange spots or stains appearing on your wall or ceiling.

The stains may be permanent, but they can also appear and disappear. Water is tricky, so if you notice any odd stains or spots on your walls or ceiling, you need to bring in some professionals to assess if there is hidden water damage.

Sign #3: Flooring Changes

If the leak is coming up through your foundation or crawl space, it may impact your flooring. If you notice that your laminate flooring is suddenly warped for no reason, your tiles are suddenly loose, or your wood floors seem softer, that change may be explained by a water leak that is coming from the bottom of your home.

You will need to tear down the flooring in order to get to the water damage; a water damage professional would be able to identify where the water damage was coming from and work to stop the water damage from doing further harm to your home.

Sign #4: Bad Odors

Finally, always be wary of odors that you can't explain in your home. The truth is that water damage can be hard to spot before it has had a chance to allow mold and mildew to develop.

Mold has a distinctly unpleasant smell, so if you notice an odd smell in your home and you can't pinpoint where it is or why the smell is there, you are going to want to bring in some water damage experts who should be able to find the source of the mold and the source of the water damage and fix the issue.

If you think your home is suffering from water damage, you are going to want to call in a water damage expert to figure out where the water is coming from. From there, they will stop the source of water, and they will then fix any damage to your home caused by the water damage.

To learn more, contact a water damage restoration company.