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What To Do After A Fire

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If you had a fire in your home, you are likely feeling very vulnerable and confused. You probably feel overwhelmed and don't know what your next step is. One of the first things you need to do is to hire a fire restoration company to come out to your home and clean it up so you and your family can get back into your home as soon as possible. By reading the rest of this writing you will better understand the ways a fire restoration company will help.

Immediately protect the home

One of the first things they will do is to make sure no further damage happens to your home. This may include everything from putting up tarps to even putting up temporary fencing if they feel this is necessary to protect your home. This will protect your home to do the following:

  • Prevent someone from stealing anything that's salvageable
  • Prevent animals from nesting in the home, causing damage, and going to the bathroom
  • Prevent rain or snow from causing more damage to your home

Take care of the paperwork

When you have been through a trauma, such as having your home catch fire, dealing with a bunch of paperwork can seem almost impossible. Luckily, you can count on the fire restoration company to take care of a lot of the paperwork that is going to need to be filled out for your insurance company. While there may be some things you need to fill out on your own, they will do as much of it as they can and this will help you by:

  • Helping you to feel less overwhelmed
  • Preventing you from filling some of the many forms out incorrectly
  • Helping to speed up the process

Properly clean the home

You can't go into a home that caught fire and just clean it with your normal cleaning supplies. There may be health concerns that require special protective equipment that needs to be worn and everything needs to be cleaned with specific types of chemicals and cleaners to get rid of the toxic chemicals and the smoke odor. This can help you by:

  • Removing all signs of a fire
  • Removing smells from surfaces they can linger in for a long time
  • Preventing you from breathing in toxins while trying to clean on your own
  • Preventing you from being injured while trying to clean by damaged things or even electricity
  • Getting your home livable much sooner

Restore the home

They will inspect all areas of your home and make sure all structural damage has been repaired. They will also restore the home to the condition that it was in before you had the fire. This will include tending to everything from framing to installing new flooring, painting, and putting on a new roof. Restoration services can help you to:

  • Know your home is structurally sound when you move back in
  • Know that anything that still had toxins is gone
  • Move into your home with it looking how it did before or even better if you needed new flooring, cupboards, etc.

For more information, contact a fire damage restoration service today.