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Why Smoke Damage Restoration Is A Job For Professionals

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When you first look at a smoke damage restoration project, you might consider whether the job is something you could tackle. It's a problem that should be handled by professionals, but you deserve an explanation of why you ought to pay for smoke damage restoration services. Here are 5 reasons why it's wise to leave the work to the pros.

Protective Gear

Smoke damage poses a number of health risks to restorers. These include the presence of carcinogens, soot, and aerosolized particles. In the best scenario, these issues will leave you with irritation of your eyes, skin, nasal passages, and lungs. The worst scenario can lead to hospitalization.

To address these risks, personal protective equipment has to be worn throughout the process. Professionals have been properly trained in how to seal up their PPE to prevent respiratory and skin exposure. They also have to be taught how to avoid tracking soot and debris into the clean areas of a building.

Gear also means consumables and washing. Face masks, for example, will go through filters. Similarly, gloves and suits have to be removed and either washed or destroyed after each use.

Vacuums and Fans

Airing out a building is a critical part of the process. Companies that provide smoke damage restoration services own vacuums that are designed specifically to filter our soot. Likewise, they have large, industrial-grade fans that can ventilate an area without blowing too much junk around. These fans are often massive, and they operate at slower speeds than anything you're likely to own.

Use of Chemicals

Neutralizing the appearance and smell of smoke is not always a simple job. There's usually a lot more to cleaning smoke from surfaces than just washing it with a bit of detergent. Companies have access to the right neutralizing agents, and technicians know which products are best for particular circumstances.


Most insurance companies will only compensate home and business owners if they hire professionals to handle their smoke damage restoration efforts. Insurers now frequently use apps that are connected to mobile devices, and the technicians can use these to gather information for claims adjusters. Going this route oftentimes allows adjusters to process claims faster.

Licensing and Bonding

Some states also require the work to be performed by licensed and bonded businesses. This reduces the risk of poorly done jobs leaving behind potential hazards for future property owners. Contact your local code compliance office to find out what the licensing and bonding rules are where you live.

For more information, contact a professional who provides smoke damage restoration services