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Home Maintenance Tips To Help You Take Care Of Your Systems And Appliances

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When you own your home, there are a number of responsibilities that you need to take care of to keep your home working well and in tip-top condition. Any wear and tear or neglect to your property will result in a loss of value, which is the last thing you want to occur. Your home appliances are an integral part of your home's systems because they provide convenience to you. Here are some recommendations to help you take care of your home appliances with regular maintenance and repairs.

Schedule Regular Servicing

A few of your home's appliance systems will need regular care and check-ups to keep them working as they need to. An annual tune-up to your furnace and air conditioner will make sure they are working efficiently to cool or heat your home, and a tune-up will help prevent the need for costly repairs.

During an annual tune-up, for example, your furnace technician will check your furnace's pilot light and assembly and clean it to make sure it works as it should. Impurities in the propane or natural gas can burn off and leave buildup that eventually prevents the ignition from working. Your technician will also check the fan and its belt and motor, oiling and adjusting areas as needed. 

Take CO Alarms Seriously

If you have ever experienced a carbon monoxide (CO) leak in your home or heard of other homeowners who have, you know the seriousness of the problem. A CO leak can quickly cause illness and death to those in your home if it is not detected and prevented. Your furnace technician plays a critical part in making sure your furnace is not leaking any CO into your home, which can occur when your furnace and its burners are not maintained.

Also keep CO detectors on all floors of your home and space them evenly throughout your home so they can cover all areas that may be affected with a CO leak. Any appliance in your home that runs on a fuel, such as gas or propane, has the potential to give off harmful carbon monoxide. Be sure you check or have your professional check any fuel-powered appliances for CO leaks and check your CO detectors regularly because they may end up saving your life one day.

Look Into a Service Warranty Program

To help you stay on top of your home's systems and appliances, you can look into an appliance service warranty program. This type of coverage provides regular servicing to your home's systems and also covers repairs and replacement of your appliances. This can include coverage of your dishwasher, water heater, fridge and freezer, stove, furnace, and air conditioner.

Contact a company that offers appliance maintenance services to learn more.